Mustang classic v. Stock seat


Mustang classic v. Stock seat

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  • Mustang all the way.

  • Yeah, all the way onto the gastank, which is where I end up sitting with it. I am too tall, super uncomfortable riding position.

  • Now, if I could move it back like 4-6 inches, would be perfect!

  • Agreed. Needs to be narrower between the legs and cut out the back more. Refoam the stock seat with memory foam and bammm! You in the game!

  • Now this is the kind of comparison I like to see! I wish more companies did this...

  • I have a vid i posted a while back breaking this stuff down. Its odd as i am 6'3" and can ride all day with mine no problem.

  • Don't have that gas tank issue William Wadman.

  • I like the look of the larger seat for the passenger.