My 09 rancher 420es


My 09 rancher 420es

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  • I'm runnin bear claws too

  • I love them but messed up keeping the original wheel size. Now I can't upgrade wheels because apparently you can't get anything but the stock steel wheel in 11 inch

  • Mine are old itp wheels off a foreman so there all 12' but I hear ya I only went with a 25' and they seem to run a little small. But yeah s good all around tire.

  • I just hate the base steel wheel and something cool but can't just throw two new tires away to do it

  • Don't blame you. Run it

  • That is the plan. I will be using it to push some snow this next winter my other machine had a low side this doesn't I hope it will still do good and not tear it up.

  • Mines a 400 and I was worried about the transmission after having the older mechanical 350 but it does very well. I plow with mine. I'm in northern VT. We get a lot of snow

  • I had a polaris 400 auto with the high and low and went to the 420 electric shift so was just unsure. I am

    From Missouri so some time we get a little and sometimes a lot

  • I don't think you'll be disappointed with your honda. I work the hell out of mine. I run chains on all four.with a 5 ft plow and I have 2400 miles on it and haven't replaced a bearing or any

  • Cool that's what I like to hear. I only runs 4 ft plow light duty residential driveway work