my 1983 v65 honda magna over heated when it was 45 degrees outside I got a new...

my 1983 v65 honda magna over heated when it was 45 degrees outside. I got a new thermostat cleaned out the radiator with an acid solution and got a new seal for my radiator cap flushed the line and put purple ice in for radiator fluid. and made sure there were no leakes in the lines and all hose clamps were tight. it still over heats thinking its a head gasket because i have to keep burping the radiator. any ideas? ps it over heated just sitting on the side stand.

  • it comes on one tick past half but by then its too late

  • haven't used a heat gun

  • Make sure the thermostat works either by a heat gun or putting it in the oven. Nothing worse than it being simple and driving you nuts but I hope it is just simple

  • I would not run engine too much, its one thing to turn water vapor back into water, i.e. out the tailpipe, but water itself in a liquid state does not like to compress. Could cause a lot more damage. Could hydro lock ?

  • Does the fan come on? Are the connections at the fanstat good? Is the overflow line kinked somewhere? Have you checked the thermostat in boiling water? A good check for head gasket is take the radiator cap off while cold and start the engine. It will probably bubble while the engine is running. Does it smell like antifreeze while running?

  • fan comes on at the 5th bar usually...and thats normal operation

  • Dave Dodge ?

  • i dont think so ive always had antifreeze all over me so i couldn't tell

  • could be your fan switch

  • check to see of the fan comes on at the temp goes over the middle of the guage