• My 2000 VT1100C3 with a brand new Mustang seat Too bad I am too tall to...

    My 2000 VT1100C3 with a brand new Mustang seat! Too bad I am too tall to comfortably ride it now...

    • That's why I'm still suffering through the stock seat on my 750. Still looking for a seat I am comfortable in.

    • I've been looking into a new seat for my '98 VT1100C3 as well. I was ready to order a Mustang until I got to sit in one. It is nicely padded, but it definitely shifts you forward and I don't think I will like the new leg position as well. Has anyone tried the Day-Long Saddles? More expensive, but the custom fit could be worth it for long days in the saddle. https://www.day-long.com/seat_ warranty.html

    • V&H longshots

    • The corbin would probably suit you. I tried it on my 750, great on long rides but wider then the mustang... made it hard to get the feet down on ground since im short and already not flat footed.