My 2007 aero 750 has a squeak that developed this weekend Can anyone help me...


My 2007 aero 750 has a squeak that developed this weekend. Can anyone help me diagnose it?

At first I thought that it was wear indicators on the front disc brake pads. I had them replaced, and they did need replacing. It still squeaks, but it is that kind of a sound.

It doesn't speed up in frequency when speed increases. It is still there if I coast in neutral with the motor off. It doesn't do it when stopped and pulling the brake and rocking back and forth on the shocks.

Any idea what could be making that squeak? I can't locate it front to back while riding, so could be coming from anywhere.

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  • Have you had the drum brakes checked

  • When was the last time you had the wheel bearings checked? You saying that it's still there with the motor off makes me think the bearing might need attention.

  • I got a new tire last week on the rear. The shop that did it didn't know how to take the rear off. They grabbed a giant screw driver and pried and took a chunk out of the rear pad on a corner and a couple of other spots, but the pads had plenty of depth.

    The noise started a few days later.

  • I just got the bike this summer, it has 15,000 miles. So I don't know the maintenance history. The cadence of the squeak is about every second or less, but stays the same whether going 50mph, or 20mph. That part has me stumped. Drive train parts should vary with speed.

  • You're correct. That would preclude a bearing.

  • if your brake still looks like that. I'd go back to that shop cause they need to either 1) refund you money for the brakes, or 2) pay to have it fixed elsewhere. I wouldn't recommend using that shop again. If they noise started shortly after the damage to the brakes they did I'd start there first. Just my thoughts. Regardless how much pad depth is left you have damage to the pads and a potential for them to fall apart from unseen cracks.

  • Michael, I won't be going back to that shop again. But I should probably get the new shop to put new brake shoes on the rear.

  • This was the squeak. When the bike was getting the new tire, I put new bag guards on. I didn't zip tie this ring, and it was flipped out the other direction from the picture(I zip tied it then took the picture). It was contacting the shock cover and making the noise.

    It is hard to define noises, but I swear it was a squeak, not a ding :)

    It sounded like an intermittent squeak, similar to what the wear indicator on disc pads on a car makes. I zip tied it when I washed the bike, and the sound was gone all the way home. I'm very surprised that that metal ring and the shock cover could make such a noise. I guess the lesson learned is check everything, even things that couldn't be it.