• My 99 1100 Aero has a wabble in the front end if you let go of the handle bars...

    My 99 1100 Aero has a wabble in the front end if you let go of the handle bars but smooth riding otherwise???

    • Worn tires will do that. How many miles on that front one?

    • Who let's go of the handlebars at speed? Did you put playing cards on the tubes so they hit the spokes????

    • Well I had knee surgery and a friend rode it to warm it up and came back telling me it done it lol I was thinking tire pressure or just a worn tire

    • Just wanting a second opinion

    • This article is written for those experiencing steering wobbles and struggling to resolve them. Steering wobbles can come from unexpected places outside of the usual suspects and most riders don’t realize how tiny little things can have a magnified affect on steering wobble under certain conditions. It is important to understand that steering wobbles can be caused by one big problem or a combination of many small ones. This means that diagnosing a wobble can sometimes take a lot of time, testing and troubleshooting before a true solution to the problem is found. http://tech.bareasschoppers.co m/steering/diagnosing-steering -wobbles/

    • Very nice ronald thanks for the info

    • Ed check out some of the bike builds on that site.

    • If my rear tire is low I get a high speed wobble.

    • Why not check the free thing first? If it fixes it, then you're gravy. If not. Then start worrying about potential other problems. No need to get worked up about potential problems if there are none. :)

    • bands in tires may need to true your rim a lil.. i would try is it an older tire??