• My babies

    My babies.

    • I had it for 13 years and all it has cost me is a starter motor, head gasket, distributer cap, water pump and two CV joints.

      Turns 30 august next year.

    • So jealous of your motorbike/car combo, it's awesome!!

    • Dyllon, Got the sprockets online, I have a 15T, 17T and 18T for the bike.

      The FinBro (And I guess many other Pitbike engines) have an end shaft with a diameter of 17mm, thus a 17mm sprocket.

      When trying to put the 16T on from my standard engine I learnt the hard way that the spline on the Honda engine is 20mm, therefore not interchangeable.

    • Ive got a 16t on my ct110

    • Talking about ratios.... I was bored.

      Cannot guarantee accuracy but will make available on the page for download in excell (97-03) format.

    • So they dont mid reving then

    • Mind

    • Apparently not, by the look of the revs.

      7000rpm for 70km/h sounds pretty close to the money.

      Shame I did not have my digital tacho before I swapped the engine over to confirm.

    • I put a 16 tooth honda sprocket on my lifan...I just touched the ID of the sprocket with a file

    • Update:

      Speedo read 95km/h at 9000rpm. Spreadsheet predicted 93.3kmh using 15 front tooth.

      Close enough!