• My baby

    My baby

    • Isn't gonna keep me from riding, damn smart phone...lol

    • I have arthritis in feet too plus 2 screws lol but gonna ride my Rebel best I can :)

    • It seems funny talking to you guys over there lol

    • More power to you wendy, glad to hear that, unfortunately mine will continue to get worse but I sure will ride the hell out of my baby.lol

    • Good on ya Jack mine just come back from having MOT all passed for another year

    • Weeeee now time to mount her and go for a long ride lol

    • I would but odd jobbing today lol hopefully take her out very soon

    • Am I right in saying the rebels are American

    • No, they are from honda so I believe they are from Japan.

    • Ah thx I notice when I look for bits its all from the states