my back is fucked who fancies my grom

my back is fucked, who fancies my grom?

1200 miles, full yoshi rs9, renthal bars and grips, asv levers, pure sc tyres & conti race tyres (still wrapped up) galfer wavey discs and pads, tail tidy and airbox mod.

Not listing a price, i wanna see what you fuckers think

  • A little back pain and you give up I have 8bad disks and I race desert in southwest United States that is what this FUCKER thinks.

  • Your medal is on its way

  • Thanks but trophies have worked for me. ANEYWAY bro have a good one. And if I get to the UK this year I hope ya still got your grom and can ride. At this point in my life riding is better than sex with the wife.

  • I reckon 1.9k-2k based on mileage and condition/mods

  • Just seen you're in the states so dont know how that fares overseas lol

  • I'm in good ole Caerdydd:)