My back right wheel wobbles when I ride and even worse when I have two people...


My back right wheel wobbles when I ride and even worse when I have two people on it...there's no play in the axle either and when I spin the wheels with it off the ground it doesn't do it, any ideas? Pic for attention

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  • I didn't think about mentioning that

  • Yeah he did didn't think about that

  • It will last a weekend just fine

  • Bent axle or Wheel would wobble all the Time ,,,,Probably a Loose/ Wallowed out Hub !

  • Yet again if he can't shake the tire while on a jack it cant be a loose hub Jimmy Taylor

  • I mean the tire and rim weigh ike 20lbs if nt less it ain't like I'm turnin laws or backs

  • It'll be fine as long ass you don't go ham in every hole you see. Just use good throttle control and you'll be fine for a weekend.

  • Yea you'll be fine for a weekend I have a bent rim on my 420 it wobbles like a son of a bitch going down the road but it doesn't hurt anything

  • I'll be tearing it either way seeing as I ordered new bearings and seals, thanks yall helped alot

  • From your previous comment. You have front rims on the back flipped with the inside facing outwards. When you flip the rim, where the lugs come through the rim isn't sitting flush with the hub anymore so when you tighten down the lug nuts it's a good possibility that some are tighter than others causing the rim to squash flat to the hub. What this will do is cause the rim to sit cockeyed on the hub creating it to wobble