My bike has a really hard time going into neutral while running As soon as i...

My bike has a really hard time going into neutral while running. As soon as i shut her off, it slips i to neutral easily.....???

  • That is very common it might need a clutch adjustment but i doubt it if you want to be sure run it by a Honda dealer and ask them to check it out.

  • Mine's moody about that when hot. Found it's easier to find neutral by going a half bump down from 2nd.

  • Yes its a hard thing to master its an issue on many but it is easier from 2nd i to N rather than 1st....

  • My bike has under two thousand miles on it and ever since it left the show room floor iv had plenty of times stopping the bike and the search for neutral begins and my clutch is always in proper adjustment.

  • However with riding experience its really not that much of an issue any longer.

  • I've always had that same problem with mine, sometimes I can get, sometimes I can't

  • They are all like that.

  • What I do I shift to first then I am at a stop then I release the clutch let it go a little forward then I stop and shift it into neutral

  • It can be easier to shift into neutral if you roll forward a little while you try (or shift into neutral instead of first as you come to a stop.)

  • Mine does same someone told me it might be clutch plates need replacing.I'm just putting up with it untill the winter then I will take a good look at the problem. may allso be cable ajustment .