My bike has twin carbs fitted I only just found out that some models left the...

My bike has twin carbs fitted, I only just found out that some models left the factory with just one.

I'm pleased with how it performs, is there much difference between riding twin carb and single carb models then??

  • Ours has just 1 carb

  • I believe Japanese model roll out with the twin carby. Heard that they're performance wise are both the same only differs if other mods have been added to the bike. Like, put better exhaust, air filter & has been jetted. Hope that helps brother.

  • Cheers man, I would honestly prefer it if it was a single. When I bought it, it had been stood for years and the carbs were all gummed up, would have been easier with just one! Lol

  • Imo 2 is better specially when cleaning them coz that way if you misplaced parts somehow you can always go back & check on the other one if it's all put back the right way lol mines a 99 Japanese model. I'm in sydney Australia

  • I think the biggest problem really was getting the rubber couple in/out that connects to the airbox. It's a really tight fit through the gap in the frame!

  • Both carbs need synced

  • A family member is having the same issue with not enough full or to much . told him to take it all back apart and check needle valves and float measurements and then put it all back together and sync with it running .

  • I don't know how to sync them as there isn't a vacuum take off pipe on the inlet rubbers/manifold. The gear here requires hooking up to a vacuum to sync them

  • Should be a vacuum port on the petcock and 1 on the right side carb . I just googled it and read