• My bike runs great in cooler weather when its warm mid 70s F after I shut it...

    My bike runs great in cooler weather when its warm mid 70s F, after I shut it off after a long ride 25+miles it takes several cranks to fire when its cold it fires right up. Any thoughts?

    • I wouldn't pull carbs yet, the starter is a quick and easy (under an hour) and $0.00 maintenance that will likely solve your problem. And if it doesn't, then at least you have eliminated a possible culprit and it didn't cost you anything... Believe me when I tell you that I chased this problem for 3 summers, redid carbs, pulled them out a few times going over everything to make sure it was right chasing this issue, new battery to start season and would be having the problem by mid season, .. once I did the starter fix, problem went away and I have gone 2 seasons with no further hot start issues on the same battery, no trickle needed to maintain it.

    • If the bike is cranking fine why would you replace a starter or batt? Lmao

    • If you keep ridding the bike like this and the problem gets worse you risk a hydro lock. Why take the risk?

    • these bikes need the proper voltage to fire up, which means good battery, and a good starter that isnt shorting out due to bad brushes

    • Water wetting agent and distilled water helped me a lot. The new wetting agents (major brands anyway) have anti corrosion and anti sludge, so in FL anti-freeze is out for me. I get much more stable temps and faster cool down at idle after the exit ramp temp rise.

    • Again, when hot the bike needs more to turn over. If the starter is full of crud and it's hot as well, it requires even more amps to get it to turn over, and then you are left without sufficient juice in the battery to make a decent spark. Let the bike sit for 20 - 30 min, fires right up as it's cooler, starter doesn't need as much juice, so there is enough left for a decent spark.

    • Omg rickey. Good luck....

    • I've bought a new fuel pump and I'll clean the starter, ill see where that leads me

    • I think I solved mine. Yesterday I pulled the battery, the starter solenoid, cleaned all the terminals including the starter and ground. Put a different battery in (used but a better quality than the cheapo one it had) and today it fired right up after riding for about an hour and stopping 45 mins. Just cracked the throttle a bit and boom. Before it'd crank and crank, and I had to go WOT for it to fire hot at all. Think I'll snatch the starter off in the future anyway and PM it. It was about 80 something down here today and I'm toting probably 150 lbs of sidecar, my cooling fan didn't even turn on as I was moving pretty well. Next test will be to get it really hot and try it. The wet water idea is interesting, will have to check that out. But under the same circumstances before in a day like today it's staring 100% better. Thanks for the tips.

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