My bike sat for couple months with no gas but I put some premium in after to...


My bike sat for couple months with no gas, but I put some premium in after to burn off any excess bs when I decided to ride it bout a week ago. Ran fine then 2nd time taking it out during the day lost power and died. Started back up after several tries and even made it home. I'm hoping it's just the plugs fouled up, replace those and be good.

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  • Umm you can't run premium in it but now you know I guess.

  • Just so you know the 1100 is only a 8.0:1 compression ratio. Higher octane gases are for higher compression engines.

  • Thanks ya I didn't know...You think that's why it was actin up on me?

  • Can u run premium in the spirit 750? Its an 06

  • NO and why would you? Higher octane is used to prevent pinging on higher compression engines and does nothing in low compression engine besides create problems and waist money you actually get less hp.

  • Yeah only used regular gas premium won't help anything.

  • Ive always ran 91octane aka preminum cus i always thought it was better

  • Seafoam

  • Yeah, but it's not man... people think cause faster cars run on premium it makes their turd of a motor run faster too but its not. Timing and compression just are not right.

  • Use 89 or 90 octane gas and put the appropriate amount of seafoam and a fuel stabilizer. You'll never have a problem.

  • Only thing I have ever run in bikes I've owned since the late 70's is premium. Since the introduction of ethanol into our fuel for many years now I add a few ounces of 104 octane booster to every tank. Never a problem and no pinging or knocking due to poor fuel quality. Premium grade gas is also cleaner from trash particles than regular grade gas. My 03 Spirit noticeably won't run as well on regular grade fuel.

  • Your timing and compression is not made for that high of an octane percentage and you have waisted tons of money on more expensive gas with zero horsepower gain and basically no benefit at all besides now your heads have hot spots from not firing the premium gas at the right time and that's why it won't run on 87 anymore. Fuel filters clean particulates and are cheap btw. You get pinging when you have a higher compression engine that doesn't have high enough octane that's when you would benefit from premium gas.

  • Newbie bike owner here. Good info guys. Thanks.

  • Ya i never new this stuff and after hearing this i did a google search for both my sled and bike and every single post says do not run premium lol

  • Thanks Randy Griffith for clearing that up, as I'm new to the sweet world of motorcycles!

  • I run pulstar plugs and those things will work high octane but I still use 87-89.. Just now I started the bike after 6-7 weeks of it sitting, started on the second push with no choke. :) good plug play a huge roll!

  • I run regular who knows how long the premium been sitting