My bike seems to be running hot when I am in stoplight traffic Anyone else s...

My bike seems to be running hot when I am in stoplight traffic. Anyone else's bike run this hot, or should I get a coolant flush?

  • These bikes don't like traffic. you can make a switch to keep the fan on

  • Thats what I did.. installed a manual switch on the fan. i can keep it on in the summer helps keep it a little cooler.

  • Got to pay attention to the temp on these bikes man.. especially in the summer in slow traffic

  • Thats one of the earliest 'mod's that was done for these bikes. Don't let some thermostat decide when the fan runs...even water cooled with the fan running they heat up sitting still.

  • Gentle flush. (drain -fill with water - drain). Then water wetter and distilled water. Forget the coolant. I ride in traffic in Miami in the summer and never go past 5/8 on the temp bars. Also - regular oil changes.

  • my 84 700C do the same thing...

  • my 84 V65 does the same, but I've also swapped to a manual fan switch and just run the fan when in stop n go on warm days.

  • If you're not racing or doing track days - please for all that is good for your alloy engine cases - run antifreeze/coolant at the proper 50:50 ratio. Water Wetter doesn't have the anti-corrosive lubricants that coolant does. Sure - works great to keep temps down. I've used it in race cars for years. Water Wetter is actually a product that is used in industrial boilers and by fire fighters. It's a surfactant. Again - it does not contain the anti-corrosive or lubricating chemistry of coolant.

  • Well I pretty much have it figured out thanks to all of you. Thank you everyone for your input!!

  • ^^ Agreed Michael unless you want to replace or rebuild that expensive water pump