my bike sounds like ive got a finch living inside my front rocker cover

my bike sounds like ive got a finch living inside my front rocker cover. chirp chirp chirp chirp. i suspect it's a cam bearing. Out of curiosity has anybody else ever had this happen to their bike.

  • right on a mission...thanx

  • 21Nm on the cam bolts

  • And think cylinderheadcover bolts 10Nm, you can easily damage them as some people on fb experienced earlier

  • There was a bit of a spell there of them getting broken. Lol. 10Nm is right.

  • thanks guys, i think ill have honda do an inspection just to be on the safe side.

  • Good idea if you aren't confident.

  • maybe get them to do oil change while im there and see if it goes away. im using silkolene at the moment. might try something different .

  • Full synthetic oil is no good for the VTR. Semi syn is my choice. Others prefer mineral.

  • My vtr went to Honda for a hours work three weeks later it came back. Long story short just cause they a Honda place don't mean that any good

  • Oddly one of my friends had a problem with a brand new storm 15 years ago like that, and Hondas mod was drilling a hole in the air box as it was breathing too hard and was pulling air through the seals on the air box.... Might not be the same problem at all but I thought it was worth mentioning, run it without the air box cover on and see if it still makes the noise.