My build for my senior project in highschool


My build for my senior project in highschool

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  • Whaaaaa? All I did in high school was read books and take tests...we certainly weren't building motorcycles. Times have changed...

  • Yeah I went to a small school so for English class we did senior projects where you research somthing write a paper on it and build it.

  • Nice build. I would need a front fender with the pebble roads we have hear but great looking

  • We got alot of pebble roads in south east sd and it's really not all that bad

  • Oh really I just thought I would get sand blasted

  • It's really not all that bad

  • Well done!

  • Thanks!

  • That is the before and after

  • Motor Cicle I wish I had more before pics but it looked like a Regular stock bike when I started. I got shit loads of pics when I built it but none before that are that great because I broke my phone but if your interested pm me I'll tell you my secrets I built my whole bike for under 800