My day out at the NEC motorbike show resulted in a pair of these bad boys


My day out at the NEC motorbike show resulted in a pair of these bad boys :)

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  • Nice match :)

  • YELLOW / Orange slightly off bit gutted

  • Much wants

  • Hahaha ye , they had this ugly one there tho

  • I've got a pair, they're really good

  • The only downside is with constant shifting they get scuffed to shit.

  • Constantly shifting

  • I got some they are brilliant

  • Dope!

  • Guess what colour my Grom is?

  • I went got me some roadskin Kevlar jeans and some gloves. I wanted to get ninja H2 but could only afford gloves and jeans

  • And the white one :-) did you see the mini bikes? For £1300 you can get a full set up supermoto 140Cc ! They looked so cool

  • Ah shit I'll have to keep on top of that :/

  • Nice! See for me it was a mixture between the ducati motard or the suzuki rgv s they had on display! So many 500cc!

    Oh and did you catch a glimpse of the aprillia 450cc race bike !

  • Hi, the Minibike's are my thing. Did you come say hello?

  • Anyone there come and say hello at the British Minibike stand that fancied some pitbike racing ?

  • Ye I was chatting to tall guy I thought it was awesome

  • Think that was big Karl

  • Didn't see that, only visited Kawasaki rightat end after looking at all other stands but love the not road legal H2R with 300bhp but the limited edition H2 carbon is as close get to perfection for me and on another side when waited for lunch did you see Star Wars huge comicon persesession.

  • Was the rgv the dune /atv on display

  • The question is, who was the guy on the White (non-sf) Grom parked a few rows behind mine and my mates SF's? Didn't even say hi! :-p

  • I hadn't had chance to look at the website to find out where the closest track is