• My first bike picked it up on Friday. Very very pleased with it

    My first bike, picked it up on Friday. Very very pleased with it!

    • Nice one, and the CBF1000 is an easy riding large machine.

    • Omer Harun Sohret I guess it also depends on the lessons you get. In NL you have to pass 3 tests....1 theory, and 2 practice exams.

    • You got the best color as well. Stormtrooper White ;)

    • ok, enjoy the ride. my first bike ( the one i first owned) was 600cc 97hp. i rode that bike 35000km, and took several advenced from rospa accredited schools and i still think i would be a much better rider if ive started with a smaller one. of course this is my personal opininon. cbf1000 is a great bike, i am sure you will love it.

    • Ina, I agree. The CBF1000 is a lot easier to ride than my previous 600cc bike was.

    • Goede keus Ina om een CBF1000 te kopen heb hem zelf nou een jaar en geen dag spijt gehad ! :) ! Trouwens in het wit is ie heel mooi ! veel veilige km gewenst met je aanwinst ! :)

    • Congratulations with a nice bike, enjoy it and ride safe :) I love mine.....

    • It's a great Bike. You wont regret it.Have fun and be safe!

    • I had lessons on a 1200 bandit n passed mod 1 on her but the clutch was a bitch , so when I got Goldie (Cbf) in jan this year I took lessons on her n what a difference just so easy to ride n passed march 18

    • Great bike. Don't forget to visit www.cbf1000.com where you will find really friendly people with tons of good advise. Have fun.!