• My fork seals are leaking and I can t just get on her and ride.

    My fork seals are leaking and I can't just get on her and ride :-(

    • Yah, not bad but I'd rather get it fixed

    • if they are not bad, sometimes cleaning the seal lip will fix it with a tool like this , http://www.motoparthub.com/08_ 0395_Motion_Pro_Sealmate_Fork_ Seal_Cleaner_Each?src=Google&g clid=CL_hjOHP2MQCFchQ7AodM1AA2 A

    • why not mine leaks and i ride it. lol

    • well jason, if they are leaking bad, you shouldnt ride, if the fluid gets on your breaks,youll lose them, not good ;) !!

    • no it dont leak that bad , just a little.

    • Also with the seal mate. Before you use it. Get some PB BLASTER spray. It will soften the rubber and expand it back out to seal better. Even says so on the can.

    • try the tool, you can even make 1 out of a piece of small cardboard stock papaer, nice tip terry, you can also take some axle grease and smear some around the fork tube,just above the seal, and give the front a few down push's and it will help it seal better too ;)

    • I bought a kids plastic binder from the Dollar store. After I bought a Seal Mate, and marked around the Seal Mate, and made a bunch of them. The little plastic paper binders are the perfect size. Thickness.

    • I don't just want it to work, I want to be right, there probably the originals and that would make him 32 years old time to just replace them

    • I have had it for 7/8 years and this is the first time