My Forza 125 is due its first service My question is Is the first service free...


My Forza 125 is due its first service, My question is , Is the first service free but only at the shop where the bike was originally bought from or this does this count for any shop?

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  • My first service wasn't free, it may be a deal at the supplying dealer, maybe give them a call.

  • Nor was mine, ever. Depending on a dealer it can cost between £60-£130. However it consist of a basic safety check up (making sure vital bolts and screws are tight and haven't worked them self loose) and an oil change, including new sump seal/bolts. One hours worth of labour and cost of consumables.

  • Mine cost me £50 as a sweetener for purchasing from Bransons at Yeovil.

  • Sorry to repeat myself my dealer doesn't charge if they supplied the scooter..happy days

  • You had to rub it in, didn't you

  • Evgenij Lichogrud It's not our fault if myself and Steve have a good dealer.

  • Rubbbbyyyy dubbbbby dub.........

  • Mine was £78, it's suprising how much the prices vary.

  • Had my first service today £58 including £40 labour