My garage has been broken in to Thankfully my bike is untouched but my helmet...

My garage has been broken in to. Thankfully my bike is untouched but my helmet and gloves are gone!

  • good shout!

  • I could happily get used to having the bike in the house. Fitted new mirrors and levers!

    Like the security ideas lads, think I'm gonna settle for a garage defender and ground anchor for now

  • Wankers chain it up make sure they don't come back for the bike

  • if they are breaking padlocks, theyll just break the chain, unfortunatly if someone wants your bike, theyll have it.

  • If you really want to keep it you need an Almax series 4 and the biggest squire padlock going and a massive ground anchor. Almax - Google it. Not cheap and not portable though.

  • Do what I do chain thow the front wheel then thow the engine and swing arm then back wheel big bar into the ground and have two Alarms on the bike as well

  • Sorry to hear this, as someone who has had a bike stolen recently I know how it feels. Can second the Almax chains - great bits of kit. And as was mentioned get on the case as you don't want them to come back for the bike.

  • I've ordered a couple of Asec garage door locks and an Autolok Stoppa. I am looking into an alarm mine which uses blank shotgun rounds hooked upto a tripwire.

  • fuck using blanks. surely under some by-law or something, theres gotta be some leway about tresspass or theft... like as an example (not sure how true) theres supposedly a law for somehwhere like Nottingham or anywhere in the country, where you can kill a burglar between 18:00 and 06:00 but you have to use a longbow or something along those lines

  • also in Hong-Kong a woman is allowed to kill her cheating husband but only by using her bare hands