My gf s grom is having trouble switching gears It doesn t go into neutral...

My gf's grom is having trouble switching gears. It doesn't go into neutral smoothly, always gets stuck in 1st or 2nd. When it rarely does go into neutral the indictor light doesn't show neutral. It's a 2014 with 1500 miles. Anyone else experienced this and fixed it?

  • Yes, i use this to fix it and it makes the gearbox smother

  • Change the oil and check the chain tightness if its too tight it will make it a pain in the ass to change gears

  • I changed the chain. It was so damn lose it was coming off the sprockets

  • Hmm fair enough maybe lube the linkage a bit? if not take it to the dealer if it's still in warranty

  • Mines was a bit iffy for the first 2k... Seems to have sorted itself out

  • Rose joints for the shift linkage. Helps a lot.

  • I got a rose joint and mine is still a pain to get into neutral, correct oil and oil level and slacker than slack chain, so i just live with it now

  • I just bought the shift link support from hard racing. Hopefully that fixes it

  • Quick, sell a rose joint

  • Adjust clutch linkage. Clutch plates slightly dragging.

  • I did exactly that but still nothing changed. I adjusted it and rode it around a few times. Maybe I didn't adjust it correctly? Anyways I went ahead and ordered this from hard racing