My husband wants me to get highway bars on my 06 HSS Do you have any...

My husband wants me to get highway bars on my 06 HSS. Do you have any recommendations for them?

  • what's the recommendation regarding engine guards?

  • there's not really an alternative/temp thing in regards to hiway bars dear... you either have them or you don't.... if thats what you mean. otherwise order up a set of bars and wait til they come in... the shop you take the bike to would have no problems getting a set farely quick, like i said the Lindby 'Linbar' design always looks nice and does thier job well... lotsa options out there though

  • Oh I'm not considering temporary type bars, that's silly.. at least to me. I'm more concerned about getting the right pair for the bike and as a safety option. I'll ping the dealership, so they have them in time for my appt on thursday. It is just easier that way.

  • Any of the above brands will work, just going to pay a shiny penny unless used in good condition. That's third on my list to get done!

  • Travvis Stayton, it's hubby's shiny penny because he's the one that wants me to have them. :) He's not keen on me riding at all, so I try an compromise when it comes to safety and to his level of comfort with me being on the bike. I'm not complaining, but it makes it much easier to trick out the bike if it helps with safety. Really, the only safe way is to not get on the bike, but he knows that's not an option.

  • Highway bars def is a good way to help protect you and the bike. Also, I changed out the bars to bring them closer to me so I didn't have to reach as far. It is amazing how much more control I have with the new set up.

  • I rhink I'm going to jump on this band wagon - - - !!!

  • :O we have a band wagon???? what kinda music are they playin????


  • LOL Jump away!! It's a party wagon! I did order the bars and more. I mean what the heck.. it's all in the name of fun.. and safety :)