• My lights work but as soon as I give it alittle throttle they blow Voltage...

    My lights work but as soon as I give it alittle throttle they blow. Voltage regulator?

    • the 400ex voltage regulator works on the 350x right?

    • Idk that would be awesome tho I got one of those

    • Yea Prolly not gunna try one now lol I'll just buy one thats made for it

    • Must be a broke wire the power to your head light should have a positive and negative wire that meet somewhere so its getting direct positve the negative would be the one that your regulator connects to not sure if this is the same with the 350x but seen this problem with a few trikes

    • I'll check that out

    • Ok its happend to me before lol soon as you turn the light up it gets too bright and explodes same thing?

    • The lights will stay on as long as it's idling. Then I touch the throttle and it explodes

    • On honda350x.com a guy says the voltage regulator from a 83-87 XL600R works on a 350x. He said he went to a bike shop and they told him itll work fine and theyre definitely cheaper than a 350x voltage regulator. If the 200x voltage regulator will work theyre a little cheaper

    • yes regulator i had same problem they are cheap on ebay cheaper than buying $15-20 bulbs every try