• My new Honda Forza 125

    My new Honda Forza 125 ;)

    • Looks like two wheels in front? Photoshop?

    • Get mine in March

    • Two wheels no!

      It's the front suspension ;)

      It was photographed with mobile phone NO Photoshop.


    • Great photograph. Love the helmet.

    • Gerc hello to your very good impression of a motor scooter, tell you how you did you would like a few km criticism

    • How did you think to take me a long way to go this year, but perhaps also through the eyes of a user would like to assess the

    • I always ware a full hi- viz coat

    • No then it's Hi-Viz bomber Jacket

    • nar, keep the t shirt for site work...Always dress to be seen and to give protection if knocked off.... Always in boots , would rather be a bit hot when I arrive that suffer Tarmac rash.

    • Been knocked off a scooter before 4 winters ago . Ambulance crew said the clothing saved me from far worse injuries. Still blood hurt mind...