My new rear shocks

My new rear shocks

  • After seeing what those ebay shocks do on quads id never drive on the street with them

  • Well that one looks a tad shagged that's for sure.. I've got a few friends that use these nitrogen filled and say their ok for the street. They race bikes and use modified versions. All I did was have the psi where'd a tad before fitting. So far so good, but will certainly take your advice on board and will keep an eye on them

  • Your bike your life. Just saying I wouldnt cheap out

  • Get a set off the new Yamaha or H.D.?

  • I'm sure a quad bike gets a lot more of a hard time than your shadow does & weighs more. I'd imagine your not jumping dirt ramps in the bush mate. You'll be fine

  • Im confident il be more than ok... had the pressure adjusted coreectly, my bikes a cruiser, not a racer.. and as i said, i have friends who run these and never had an issue.