My old rear set broken when the wind blew my bike over should it break that...


My old rear set...broken when the wind blew my bike over.. should it break that easy and would it be warranty covered?

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  • Jack Dempsey Osborne is it the aprilia? Nice looking machines! Been wondering about robbing forks off one for msx. Probably too long though.

  • No it's a Spanish company called Motohispania. It uses the same engine as the yamaha yzf-R125. It was a good bike, apart from if you dropped it the handlebar would shear completely off.

  • There's a lot of tasty 125 here in Spain such as that and derbi and in Italy like aprilia and cagiva. Much tastier than the jap 125's.

  • That was it next to my dads VFR Aaron, it might have even been slightly bigger than the VFR.

  • It was just really hard to get parts for, and where it was Spanish it wasn't used to the great british weather and started to rust

  • Wow me and my mate have always joked about the wind blowing my msx over, didn't think it would actually happen though

  • Mine roller down the driveway on me once bent the lever and broke the front indicator.... thats all

  • NC30!!! My First bike :D

  • They were brilliant. I desperately wanted one when I was 17 back in the height of the 400's boom but my dad wouldn't let me and I got a cb-1 which had half the insurance cost. Nearly as fast and much more comfy, but not nearly as cool.

    How did we get from broken footpegs to here?Dunno but I like it

  • Aye sorry but this is the internet...anything can happen lol