My paddock stands have arrived today 35 what a bargain Can t get them out...


My paddock stands have arrived today. £35 what a bargain. Can't get them out till Sunday.

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  • yeah

  • WTF Bargain quality ok

  • friends of mine has a set pick his big bmw rt 1200 up and support it no problem so the grom would be a lot stress than tbat so id say they fine :)

  • Just had a look now £27.48

  • hahahaha get em bought

  • On it as we speak LOL

  • I use them for my blade and my grom

  • To confirm they are warriors, I opened one of the boxes just now. Awesome quality. I will assemble them and put pics up.

  • Bargain. I have both front and rear set.

  • Paddock stands... what paddock stands

  • Classic mate

  • Haha there wine coolers with bits of concrete slab

  • I love bodging things

  • Yeah mate yolo and all that

  • Just bought a pair! Ta