My poor bike died

My poor bike died. :(

  • They are much cheaper and more reliable than points and condenser...much easier to install and no need to set gap and adjust timing

  • Yeah, I'm familiar with points/condenser...I had a '68 Mustang, a '52 military jeep, and a '77 MG Midget.....that's why I was glad to get the CDI for the bike. Just wish it was more reliable...guess I'll order a couple to keep onhand.

    Do they just die often all by themselves or does heat kill them?

  • They are bike has 8k...same 93 Honda has about 10k...same box...again they are so very, very cheap you should buy a couple spares

  • Also check your spark plug cap...put on a NGK cap for about 3 bucks...also check your coil

  • NGK cap is LD05F...I think...going by memory...double check on their website

  • I'm not convinced it's a CDI problem. She had problems before which leads me to think its fuel/carb issue. I'd start with making sure you've got good flow to the carb from the tank.

  • May be a clogged vent in the gas cap or carb....carb jets may have blockage

  • Yeah, they'll open the carb and check it out...with the tygon fuel lines, it's easy to see if there's debris in there now though...

    Do you all have a preference in fuel filters you can recommend too please?

  • Microscopic debris invisible to the naked eye will pass through the clear tubing undetected, and then accumulate in the float-needle seat causing fuel blockage. Carrying an extra CDI is a bit of over-kill, but the CDI will only fail if you DON"T take a spare ;)

  • Any recommendations on a good quality fuel filter?