My rear break peddle drops too low and I m at the max adjustment any...


My rear break peddle drops too low and I'm at the max adjustment, any suggestions?

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  • Yes time for new brake shoes !!

  • It just past inspection last week and they said they were fine.

  • All they looked at was the indicator. Pull the rear wheel and look for yourself. Better to be safe than sorry.

  • Listen to David on this. Actually, listen to David on just about everything. Lol

  • Yes, I believe he has answered several questions I've asked in this group. Thanks for everyone's help I'm new to the rebel 250. I'm bobbering it out for my wife, hope to up load pictures over the next several weeks. Thanks again.....

  • If the brake shoes are good, you can reposition the lever on the brake

    Hub. Losen the pinch bolt. Pull it off of the spline, then set it as needed

    So when you step on brake pedal it breaks sooner !!!

    But do check shoes first !!