My review of Viking Bags Lamellar Hard Saddlebags after owning them for a while

My review of Viking Bags Lamellar Hard Saddlebags after owning them for a while. I have the chat transcript if anyone wants to see it.

I submitted this to their site, but I rather doubt it's ever be put on there:

I bought my bags last winter and just recently got a chance to mount them. Do not make that same mistake, as they only come with a 30 day warranty.





Free mounting hardware and turn signal relocation kits


They fall apart.

- First: The right side bag rear mount fell off as I was riding and I found out when I stopped because it was barely hanging on by the other mount. Scuffed up the backside of the bag. (Did the online chat and they sent me a new mounting kit right away) As I was waiting on the new kit, the locking mechanism on the same bag fell off - fortunately right into the bag itself.

- Second: The first ride after re-mounting the bags (I took everything off and redid it all using LOKTITE) I was happily going down the road and the bag on the left side lost it's lid. I could see after checking later that the wire from the hinge worked it's way out the front side and fell off. The top of my lid is now heavily scratched. I used a coat hangar wire to reattach the lid.

I did a chat with support. Told me I needed to file a claim and a manager had to look at it. I filed the claim and waited. And waited. (They don't work on the weekends) Chatted again Monday and Michael was rude and unhelpful. He ended the chat by basically hanging up on me. (Saved the transcript) Got an email Wednesday (even tho I requested the courtesy of a phone call) saying my bags were out of warranty so they were going to do nothing about it. I tried emailing back and was ignored. They also told me they had a call SCHEDULED for that day, but they never called me.


Basically, they are decent bags if you use loktite on all fasteners (and locks) and bend the ends on the wires holding the hinges together. If you have an issue with the bags, hope you are within the very short warranty period or you're on your own. Customer service is beyond horrible. Way beyond.

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