• My St1100 rotors are 1 5 inches bigger in diameter vs Vf 1100 Huge...

    My St1100 rotors are 1.5 inches bigger in diameter, vs. Vf 1100. Huge difference in braking power. Wonder if you could fit St forks on a Vf. Hmmm ?

    • I got new rotors and pads last year. Still pretty weak. Prolly hoses and other items need replaced. Such a stark difference in front brake stopping power though. Old school, new school i guess.

    • My sabre is pretty decent on the front brake.. but I haven't ridden newer bikes either.

    • I rebuilt mr master and calipers, upgraded my rotors to cbr f2 and ebc pads but they still felt weak so installing braided lines. Hope that firms things up

    • Yeah, braided lines are a good idea.

    • I think the braided brake lines are the best bang for the buck in improving stopping performance.

    • Here is a little project I have been working on. Better brakes are part of the equation.

    • How are they working?

    • I was trying to suggest something earlier regarding the same diameter fork tubes(had to do something else) I wonder if the ST fork bottoms would fit the Sabre's fork tubes. Race tech makes a rebuild setup for the Sabre which does away with the one legged damping.

    • The front end I have is functional, however, I have them dropped in the triples for -almost- enough clearance. I will probably do something similar but using either the original or a custom length set of fork tubes. The handling and braking is very nice. I am able to use modern Michelin Road 4 radials.

    • I have a set of brake rotors thay will fit on a 83 magna wheels but are to big around for my bike

    • Why do braided lines make a difference?

    • They are(or should be) Teflon lined which is very rigid and doesn't expand from the pressure of the brake fluid when you squeeze the lever like rubber lines do.