• My Tyga maggot exhaust needs a baffle but they don t sell them what should I do

    My Tyga maggot exhaust needs a baffle, but they don't sell them, what should I do!

    • cheers guys

    • Man up

    • George Chittock Buy buying a quieter exhaust and not being a yob, ok! :)

    • Loud and proud doesn't mean your a yob

    • you could just buy the stainless can with the baffle and swap it over

    • Good idea! Cheers! :D

    • Stick that in it mate

    • Ew xD

    • It's not that loud your just a wimp

    • can on its own with group discount and delivery is £145.00

    • You can get a db killer. Used to use them when racing supermoto. Looks ugly but works.

    • Were from?

    • Because this exhaust is weird

    • Can't remember mate, be a good 7 years ago now. Have a google. Think they're called db dawg

    • I have an exhaust system for sale on eBay finishes tonight