My VFR and CBF


My VFR and CBF....

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  • Which do you prefer?

  • And what exhaust is on the CBF?

  • What do I prefer is such a difficult question..suppose it's the cbf for the simple reason it's newer tighter and slightly more comfortable...but I've had that VFR 4 years been around Europe never let me down and I do love that too..will never sell that one

    It's a fuel exhaust on the cbf.

  • I actually switched from that exact model vfr to cbf las year! And oh boy how happy I'm!

  • Got my new cbf last year...the perfect allround bike for me.

  • Better one of the can.

  • Have made beautiful Rides with my 2013 CBF in Europe. Pyrinades, Dolomites, Alpes, and in Germany. This Summer a 2 week Tour to Scotland is planned. I really enjoy riding my CBF.

  • U must visit Skye and Mull...Glen Coe....beautiful roads and hardly a traffic for stationary white vans parked in laybys....they have speed cameras pointing forward and reverse...

  • Slow down at 30mph signs in little villages...

  • Nice, a Cbf and a Vfr is a good combination, my Vfr is a 2001 :-)

  • Cbf with close eyes

  • Tks for all Scotland advices.

  • Think my next car will be a Honda too.