My Vtr doesn t return the throttle. What could be the problem


My Vtr doesn't return the throttle? What could be the problem???

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  • Tomorrow I'll take the carburettors to my local bike fixer and they'll check them out!

  • Needs to return on release straight away. Need to adjust cables at carb end and make sure it returns with handlebars turned in both directions. also check they have been routed the same way as before.

  • cable adjustment too tight and not slack enough, i just had same issue, let it off a tad and its mint now. i changed my grips and that made my prroblem n reason i had it

  • Handle bar end loosen it

  • Sticky tube mate, mine does it sometimes, just take the grip off and clean and lube the tube.

  • Are none of you guys seeing the photo he posted with the carbs off the bike? Read the comments before posting because you aren't helping the guy telling him to check the cables even though the carbs are off the bike and the cables aren't even attached lol

  • It could be the spring lost tension, or if the butterflies were removed, they weren't installed properly. Could also be something blocking the arm which connects both butterflies together, or dirt/gunk in one of the moving parts.

  • Was the linkage removed that attaches both carbs together? Are the butterflies both shut?

  • Check and lubricate the throttle on the right clip on. It gets sticky.

  • Both carbs washed in ultrasound washer and the same problem is still there. Sorry for my bad english