• My wife s adjustable levers have arrived we adjusted the clutch last night...

    My wife's adjustable levers have arrived :) we adjusted the clutch last night which was a huge improvement as she has tiny hands and the biting point was pretty much when the lever was fully released! Still, how hard are levers to change over?

    • Very easy. 10mm nut under each one, and a large flat head on top. The brake side can be a pain with the throttle cables, just loosen the control unit or lever perch off and turn it out of the way.

    • Easy 10 minute job.

    • This video will give you an idea :- https://www.youtube.com/watch? v=ajJ9No8Kvxs

    • Few min

    • Where do you want the biting point for the clutch? If you want it closer to the bars adjust the little thing back towards the bars

    • We've done that already :) to be fair there wasn't a lot of adjustment available there so we have to adjust the bolts by the engine casing...... I had already ordered these levers by the time we did that, so they still need to go onto the bike

    • They will still need to go on and you'll also still need to adjust the cable correctly when the new levers are on put the top one half way and then adjust at the bottom then you'll have enough to then adjust at the top if you was local I would of done them

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