Need a bit of help fellas I was just riding cruising at 110km and I lost power...

Need a bit of help fellas I was just riding, cruising at 110km and I lost power, speed was going down, down shifted and still losing speed then cut power altogether, pulled over and it would crank but not kick over, now won't crank at all when I push the button..there slower cause the gauge and headlight is on.. Help!!

  • Just got home, It happened again and I flicked over to reserve fuel and in ran fine, so I thought hmm maybe I had no fuel, so I filled up and it didn't miss a beat the rest of the way, the thing is the first time it died the tank wasn't empty cause it was the first thing that I checked and it also doesn't explain why it didn't even crank when I pressed it...weird

  • Could have been a blockage or air bubble in gas pipe.

  • Could have a carb clog. But then again some rebels be acting funny.

  • Sounds like a bad connection or a short. I would start inspecting all of the wires underneath the seat and around the air box.

  • Check you gas

  • Sounds like rectifier

  • Mine does this sometimes too. My pipes were modified three years ago. Everyone says" oh you can't be riding with only one plug firing. But I beg to differ. She is just a little pooches. Let them both miss fire and it sounds just like that!! I say change your plugs and Check compression.

  • My first thought was to check the battery connections. My next thought was that you needed to flip the switch to reserve and notice how many miles you've driven. Start with the easiest stuff first.

  • I know bikes do that when they get overheated. Have had several do the same thing over the last 40 years of riding.

  • Maybe starter overheat?

  • Remember it's air cooled so the sweet spot is sixty five Anything after that can overheat or crystallize your plates always check your oil then your gas try to keep it around sixty five and if ever is your battery just push start it in second gear and pressed stArter it's a light bike not hard to do the one thing to always do is don't panic and over analyze

  • Thanks a lot fellas for all your input i appreciate it all!