• Need a zorst On the Repsol I wanted something nice hence the RS9 I need...

    Need a zorst! On the Repsol I wanted something nice, hence the RS9. I need something a bit fun for the bumblebee. Perhaps twin cans, something cool. Cheaper preferred, full system ideally to dump the cat. I prefer loud but not obnoxious.

    • Try webike

    • I have a Mgp growler with G.P.R header pipe for sale

    • Hey its bumblebee the second! ;-)

    • Did you see the transformers logo on it?

    • £120 full system from webike :) sounds great aswell

    • Shame I've got the R&G to fit

    • Mrs wanted to call it that.

    • Is that delivered including customs raping?

    • Pics

    • Twin pipes I have them on mine its a repsol too

    • Customs cost £16.69 haha

    • Jesus christ, do you use that for drug smuggling?

    • I like your thinking, not exactly in budget. But fun as you say and a bit sexy.

    • Hahah was tempted by the type L but I like the bend in this one a bit more the L is just hilarious

    • Messaged you

    • They do it in stainless for a bit less.

      http://japan.webike.net/produc ts/21872180.html