need advice

This may sound like a dumb question but I've always had this problem with every four wheeler I've had. My problem is my Honda rancher will shut off after going in water to the battery, keep in mind we've checked every thing just making sure there is no leaks. The check engine light will come on and I try to pressing the gas but it pops a few times then cuts off, so I unscrewed the battery cables off the bike and tightened them up, working fine after that. Anyone else had this problem?

  • Mine has never done tht due to the battery jus spark plug a few times

  • All my plugs have been die electric greased but on both of mine everytime I get out some water, my screen would Spass out and then it'll cut off, I crank up and try running it and it just pops and cuts off

  • All I do is loosen up the battery screws and tighten up it runs fine

  • Wyatt Price

  • What year models

  • 14

  • I had rancher 350 do that once

  • Grease spark plug

  • Is the carb lines sealed

  • Is this 350 or 420 rancher and what year?

  • 2014 rancher

  • i have a 14 and a 17 and neither one have done tht when spark plug was die electric greased

  • It happened to my rubicon also, I'd just take the screws loose and tighten them and it'll work, it's always my fourwheeler that messes up lol

  • ur not doin something right if every honda u own has done tht

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