Need help 03 rancher 350 Starts right up and idles great But when reved up...

Need help! 03 rancher 350. Starts right up and idles great. But when reved up high or when put in gear and rode it starts to die and when you play with the throttle to keep it runnin it will backfire. Has anybody had this problem or have any ideas as to what it could be? Has new spark plug, cap, wire, and solenoid. And fresh gas. Need to get it fixed before next Thursday.

  • No problem. I snorkled my bike and it was doing that. Just had to adjust the air/fuel ratio.

  • My 350 rancher

  • No snorkels

  • Like I said it may be getting to much air. When did it start doing it?

  • Started on my last ride and I haven't done anything to the wheeler. I think it's either a crack in the intake or timin chain problems. Just wanted some other opinions

  • One of mine was running like shit and the carb bowl had glue like snaght from the gas goin bad and the float was sticking where it slides up and down. If I tapped on top of the carb with a hammer it would open up but would stick then leak out of the overflow

  • Curtis what symptoms did it have when you did that

  • At first it would just idle because when I started to give it throttle it would die unless I tapped on the carb with a hammer it would open up do I could ride it but when I stopped it would leak out. I have two ranchers and have to do a carb clean atleast once a year it's not hard at all

  • Rejet it

  • Well thanks for the help. Took the carb apart and cleaned it real good. It runs good now.