Need help my bike won t start and when I turn the key the start up noises comes...

Need help my bike won't start and when I turn the key the start up noises comes on but nothing on the screen

  • What electrical stuff is not from factory? Indicators, hot grips, anything at all.

  • There's a plug behind the headlight that commonly comes loose and causes no start

  • Ground check your battery

  • Press the ignition button?

  • Bikes is starting now but still nothing on screen and I have different indicators

  • Jiggle the wiring harness like a toilet handle. Loose connection?

  • Probably the orange or blue wires on the front indicators have touched the ones with white stripes or the frame or basically anything else metal . This blows the fuse. Fix it with lots of insulation tape to keep them apart then change the fuse.

  • im sorting it for her later when shes back

  • Under the lcd screen is a mother board, this commonly gets wet and corrodes, strip it down and give it a wipe and it will all work again, I get this issue a lot

  • If the indicators aren't working either then I'm pretty sure I'm right. If they are, I'm wrong.

  • im not there as shes out at the moment but will get to the bottom of it either way bud

  • Mine won't start ( there's no spark but it turns over battery is ok ) any ideas guys ?

  • Is the kill switch on or off, also no spark means 3 things, kill switch, ECU, or magneto

  • Bad plug, dead coil or Disconnected/faulty sensor killing the spark.

  • Or in gear with kickstand down

  • Kill switch off side stand up clutch in turns over but no spark