Need help please went to adjust my chain and the little plate was loose for...


Need help please - went to adjust my chain and the little plate was loose for some reason and axle nuts weren't that tight either - both adjustments are equal length both side and the chain has a tight spot - any ideas would be a miracle thanks

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  • Is the axle nut tight?

  • it was spinning freely when making adjustments - then tightened properly when done

  • Make sure axle is straight. Look at the notches on the side and make sure they're matched.

  • bike was actually a bit dirty - couldnt see one of the marking - the right side is 1 mark ahead? does that mean i need to knock the axle back in to match the other side?

  • Tighten the nut so there's resistance while making the adjustment that should keep the rear plate tight. As for tight spots it happens buddy.

  • Both markers have to line up or you will have a wonky wheel and putting. Chain under stress

  • Ryan Carter got it in one. Otherwise you'll be "crabbing" down to the shops

  • I've got it now :) axle wasn't straight but someone said to use something between chain and spocket to pull wheel forward then tighten and that worked!

  • Fixed it now dirt messed marker up and fixed the tension however I still have a tight spot sadly

  • Once adjusted equally and chain has 30mm of play put a screw driver in the chain and turn wheel so it pulls the axle forward against adjusters. Then tighten axle

  • Could just be dirt n gunk in a link. Spray it with cleaner a few times. Should become free with regulars use n lube

  • Ryan Carter this is true. However. You have to have the adjusters at the back matching first so both sides of axel go forward to same point

  • Yeah I got that :) they measure same length :)

  • Stephen Stewart that's what I'm onto now! I kind of let it get out of hand and chain is rusted sadly

  • Danny Banksy Banke got it. Now. Thanks :)

  • got it thanks :)

  • Want to call me I'll walk you threw it

  • if sorted it thanks though (y)

  • For the plates being loose after tightening everything down. Before you tighten the axle. Put a bit from a bit driver set in the rear sprocket teeth and rotate it till the chain is holding the bit and pulling the chain snug. Then tighten the axle bolt and remove the bit. Don't forget to remove the bit. Did I mention removing the bit when your done?

  • Tip when adjusting not to loosen the axle right off.. find the tight spot before you start tightening things. You will save your chain and wheel bearings from over wearing

  • just push against the wheel when tightening the axle....

  • I wish I had money for them