• Need some advice I have a grom on finance for another year and a bit can I...

    Need some advice I have a grom on finance for another year and a bit can I trade it in for the newer sf and just pay the difference on finance or is it just worth waiting till it's finished cheers

    • Ok cheers guys I will let you no how it goes

    • I part exchanged my bike for the sf all they do it pay the fiancé off and remove the amount of the newbike so if I take worth £1800 they'll pay the outstanding amount and the rest is removed of the price of the new bike that's what happened with mine about 2months ago

    • I still owe £1500 on my finance but my bike is worth £1722 they will swap bikes then I pay £85 for 3 years can I simply transfer my insurance over or is it best to just cancel it cheers

    • Change insurance over that's what I did

    • Ok cheers

    • I paid my insurance for the year so was only option for me really

    • ah ok I'm monthly

    • Sounds good, that 0%?

    • 6.9%

    • Ahh i see. Either way not bad.

    • No it's not and my mods should simply fit straight on

    • What you got to remember is if you know a dealer that still has a sf in stock you're lucky as there running out fast with the new abs model coming for 2017 you guys can ask me any questions as I work selling Honda's for a living at P&H motorcycles Crawley Gatwick area

      Honda charge a couple of months interest and £10 purchase fee on any settlement.

      A lot of lower Value finance from Honda are considered personal loans which equal no hpi flag ups! = not illegal to sell privately as it's the same as getting a personal loan from the bank

    • I got 0% Apr and negotiated the set up fee and got £80 boots in on the deal

    • Snap I work at Honda and took up the 0%APR finance deals which was just for August, September and October quarter 3 only! Funny that when they knew the ABS version was coming! Trouble is most of us like non ABS so we can do stoppies and skids

    • You'll be able to add the abs to it anyways won't you and won't cost a bomb lol

    • i thought the honda finance package for the msx was a personal loan not like vehicle finance attached to the vehicle attached to the person