Need some help I just got a 06 shadow spirit 750 an all I have for air filter...


Need some help I just got a 06 shadow spirit 750 an all I have for air filter are the tubes to the air box to get everything stock from Honda it's 270 what type of setups do you guys have pictures if you have them

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  • I've looked at velocity stacks but want to see them on a bike or other setups

  • I have a stock cover with K& N filter. I've seen used covers online line, look around, if you want stock. Also don't go with Honda for parts, look for other vendors. I've used, they're out of Michigan and have good service.

  • Yea that sites same price as Honda dealer to pretty much that's why I'm looking to see about what aftermarket setups people have if anything I'll end up just getting the velocity stacks

  • Retail prices are pretty even across the board, but they have good service. Sometimes when you sign up for emails with vendors they'll give you 10% off or have sales. After market will probably be just as high or higher, but I've never used the hyper charger or anything else, but they aren't cheap. like I said, if you wanted stock look on ebay, a lot of people part out bikes and sell them there. I replaced my front fender from Babbitts and it was only $137.00, which I figured was as cheap as getting it repaired and painted.

  • Yea I thought I'd stay stock but that's more then I'm looking to spend I thought it'd be cheaper but it's more then most aftermarket that I've found


  • I found a set of shocks for my Areo for $50 on EBay.