Need some new rear indacators again mime don t seem to last 5 minutes

Need some new rear indacators again mime don't seem to last 5 minutes!!

  • I went for an integrated tail light (£40 if I remember correctly) off ebay as my exhaust completely melted the plastic holding the stock indicator. Love the look at the rear now and brightness is pretty good too!

  • Only reason I've not brought one of them is because it's illegal n won't was an mot :/

  • I have some lying about somewhere you can have em if you pay the postage

  • What ones u got mate?

  • Came with a tail tidy I bought

  • Hmm I dont know if they would melt with my exhaust :/

  • Maybe they're not small

  • I need some micro ones really :/

  • These are what I'm running and I've had no problems....

  • Do you use these in the rears mate ? Are they bright ?

  • yes mate they're decent!

  • Thinking about getting these for front and back. I assume you don't connect the 3rd wire for drl light on the rear , do you know if it's a straight swap for the fronts ? No splicing etc. Thanks.