Never been hit by customs this hard before my wallet hurts however it only...

Never been hit by customs this hard before, my wallet hurts! :( however it only took 4 days for the package to come from Japan so I guess thats a plus

  • Aaron yeah can't wait to get my hands on it don't think anybody in the UK has it have seen one in the US but that was just the stainless steel version plus I really want to test the G craft shift guide to work out if it actually does something

  • When you getting it Tudor?

  • should come tomorrow :)

  • don't forget to thank your sender for not underevaluating the bill included in the package :( 4 days is normal delivery time, I often receive the parcels sent from Tokyo 3 days after they're posted, my Australian customers receive their parcels within 2 days :)

  • Similar for me today

  • how do u pay the import duty and how do they let you know

  • I usually ring parcelforce and ask for the 17 digit number to pay the duty for my package

  • I might be being dum here but who do u pay and can it be done on line or phone call

  • you can do it both ways but online is way easier https://www.pfwcustomercontact you need to get the number from them then you put it there and it brings up how much you owe

  • cheers makes it all clear now