Never taken the air filter off my bike before then water pisses out and oil

Never taken the air filter off my bike before then water pisses out and oil? Is it normal

  • Like Morgan says - get a pair of pliers, and undo the clip around the drain plug (bottom right, silicon tube) empty that out. Then put back on.

  • Didn't even know what it was haha I'm a noob with this I've cleaned it out but by the looks of it the guy who had the bike before me had done some type of airbox mod as part begin the filter was missing

  • Everyone does that. Helps the engine breath

  • Have you tried reading your owners manual?

  • You need to remove and drain the clear rubber sight bowl whenever it fills up.

    It can easily fill up every day in the winter.

  • Charlie you never Evan did yours that often you took it off and it didn't stop

  • But now I know I do it weekly

  • So what is the interval when we have to empty that silicone tube?? Why?? What is in there? Mine is full but clear.

  • That looks like its full of water.

    Take it off and see how much comes out.

  • Yes that tube it was full with water. So when if full I have to empty?? Is that water from condensation Or humidity from air??

  • Whenever it's full. Check it after every wet ride or periodically like after washing

  • Ok Thank you! I will :)

  • Stephen Stewart what happen if take that tub off and don't put it back?

  • Cut a hole in the bottom of that aswel

  • It'll suck air in through it without going through filter so not good

  • Also give the black rubber next to it a squeeze as this lets water out before the air filter if any actually gets into it

  • Do you have a small hole on that? To drain the water and you don't have to take it off right?!

  • Condensation i think, check it every week, it is normal and i did mine today.

  • Stephen Stewart you mean this one? To give a squeeze

  • Yeah it opens and let's out moist. Never found any in mine to date but always give it a squeeze when I check the other

  • Good advise, thank you!

  • I still take it off some times to give it a clean inside but yes the little hole helps with it draining

  • Wtf???

  • Who still uses their stock air box cover??? Lol

  • Wow... Never seen that crap before