• Never used the dining room anyway p Old shed coming down this week ready for...

    Never used the dining room anyway :-p Old shed coming down this week ready for new shed to go up and i'm running out of places to put stuff so brought this lot indoors for now.. Probably a good thing that i'm single... can't imagine many women putting up with the nonsense lol

    • Seems like a perfectly good idea to me lol

    • 2 Storms

    • I think so... this room will be stripped out soon for new decor and carpet so I thought i'd abuse it in the meantime lol

    • You are right on the greedy bit but 2 storms.... it gets worse lol

    • Come clean Shaun how many is it ?

    • Had mine in the frontroom for a yr.. wife never said a word.. she's a keeper

    • 3?

    • Excellent... she's a keeper alright!

    • 3 and a bit :-p the 2 in the photo plus my first storm that I wrote off 18 months ago which for now is sporting all the panels off my '05 plate and is my current ride... and I have a old boot that I bought cheap to use after I wrote my first bike off but it was so damn horrible so decided to break it instead.

    • Depending on how I get on ( or off) with my storm on a track day coming up, I may well be after a 2nd set of wheels complete if you're breaking one up.

    • Give me a shout when the time comes I may well have spares by then... I have an old booter in the out house plus there's my current ride.. both will be broken up but I have to wait till I get my shed up so I can crack on with them... until then I need the wheels for moving the bikes about.

    • I'm out on the 28th April I hope.

    • Good

    • Shaun... You don't happen to have a 19ltr tank spare do you

    • Sorry to hijack Shaun, I've got a set of wheels for sale now.

    • Jason Jefferis I'd be very interested once I get to try the bike on the track, not even sure I'll get on with it so don't really want to buy wheels just yet in case I decide the bikes not for me.

      What sort of money would they be Jason?

    • 60 for the pair

    • What are you doing with the old shed Shaun, I'm looking for one for a Wendy house project

    • Time don't allow at the mo but i'd love to get out on a track day in the future. Hope you have good day!

    • Jason Jefferis Go for it... It will be a while before I can think of parting with these... ain't dragging a bike with no wheels across the garden lol

    • I do have a spare tank but tbh I am undecided what to do with it... I'm yet to make a start on my projects this year because I have no where to work on them but I'm in the middle of putting a new shed up, as soon as that's done I can make a plan on what I'm doing with my bikes ofc I'll then know what i'm keeping or selling. If I do sell one of them it will be the black tank as in the photo... I can certainly keep you in mind in case I do decide to part with it. Meanwhile... I do know of another tank which is sat in a mates garage currently doing nothing... he bought it for his own bike a year or so ago but has yet to use it... I speak to him regularly so will ask him if he wants to part with it.

    • Just going to break it up and take to the tip.... It was only a cheap feather edge shed when I first bought it... The felt blew off last year and being lazy I didn't get around to fixing it.. it's pretty rotten now.

    • How much with discs/sprocket ? (if you still have that is)

    • Just the wheels sorry.