• New bars arrived today

    New bars arrived today

    And wow they feel better than stock

    Big thank you to

    Msx125 accessories

    • more orders on way Richard partridge, let me know m8, ordering tomorrow

    • What are they? Who made them? Where did you get them from?

    • How much for the whole thing

    • I've got them and had them for a few months. They are from MSX Accessories, I think they were about 115 quid with postage. A lot lower than stock, easy to fit.

    • Thanks. :-) :-)

    • bit confused how to fit the lower cowl, not ready yet as waiting for ixil exhaust to arrive, is there a how to guide? or is it that simple,

    • Simple. You'll see when it arrives,

    • Looks mint mate want to eventually get the compsimoto ones myself :)

    • Save yourself some dollars these are puka m8